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MUST unites parents to postpone the age at which our children are allowed personal ownership of smart devices.

By joining together, we eliminate the peer pressure surrounding our children. The MUST revolution will protect and enable our children to thrive without the distractions and dangers of smart devices.

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3 Easy Steps:

1. Become a Class Ambassador.

2. Share the initiative with moms in the class and get them on board. 

3. Register your class.

It's that easy!

Classes That Already Joined!


To view the growing list of classes from around the country, please click here.

Scratching Your Head, Wondering What To Get Your Kids for Holidays, Birthdays, etc?

Yes, it is possible to get some cool gifts that will excite your kids and do not require any Internet! Say no to Smart Devices! Check out our Gift Guide for lots of suggestions.

Want to get involved as a Grade or Class Ambassador and wondering what to do next?

We've got all the info and guidance you need in order to help you initiate a pact with the fellow moms in your class.

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PHONE: (929) 466-MUST (6878) ~ EMAIL: info@themustproject.org

M.U.S.T. - Mothers Unite to Stall Technology