1. What devices are we referring to in this initiative?

We are referring to any device that has internet capabilities including, but not limited to, iPods, iPads, iPhones, smart watches, androids, kindles, etc. 

2. Can my child use a device that is not their own personal device, but, rather, a family device?

In this case, there are several guidelines that should be followed.  The device is PASSWORD-PROTECTED; the child needs to ask permission before using it; their usage is closely monitored. 

It is highly recommended that the parents contact an expert to be sure the family device is safely filtered. TAG offers these services, free of charge, and can be accessed online at taghelpline.org or at (718) 717-8241

For those in or near the Five Towns/Far Rockaway area, Smart Connections offers these services as well. They can be reached at (516) 247-1907 or at smartconnectionsny.com

Furthermore, it is strongly advised to prohibit your children from participating on group chats of any kind on any personal or family device. 

3. What if my child already has their own device?

Ideally, the device should be taken away, as it is going to benefit the child in unimaginable ways. In addition,  your child's personal possession of a device is putting their peers at risk.   However, if taking away the device proves impossible, expert advice states that the device should, undoubtedly, be filtered by a professional. (See contact info for TAG in Question 2.) 

In addition, create a contract with your child to establish time limits and mandate strict guidelines for proper usage. Please email mothersunite4kids@gmail.com for more practical suggestions and sample contracts. 

4. What about iPods or other devices that are internet-blocked?

Any device that has internet capabilities, whether they are fully blocked or not, is prohibited. 

5. What about "dumb phones" that have no internet capabilities?

Those phones are acceptable. 

6. What if most of the class joins, but there are still a few parents that do not wish to join?

This initiative came about due to the strong effects of negative peer pressure on our children to obtain personal devices. Let's now use the positive aspects of peer pressure to encourage as many people in the class as possible to join the initiative.  Our goal is 100% cooperation; however, the class will still benefit from the majority of the class joining. 

7. How else can we reach out to our class if we don't have class chats to announce this initiative?

You can ask your school to provide you with an email or cell phone number list of the moms in your child's class. Email or group text them to join the initiative. If this is not an option, you can call them individually.