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Here is some general info to help your class moms understand what this initiative is all about.

What does it mean to sign up your child?

-No personal devices with internet capabilities [Some popular examples include, but are not limited to, iPods, iPhones, iPads, androids, Kindles, smart watches- even if internet is blocked.]
-Family devices should be password protected and monitored. 
- Family devices should be used in open areas only. 
- Group chats on any personal, shared, or family device are strongly discouraged, and ideally, prohibited on all devices

What can I do now?

You can become your class ambassador by posting the initiative on your class chat. Encourage the rest of the class to join. 

If your class already has an ambassador, join them in their crusade; our strength is in our numbers.

Sample of text to post: 

M.U.S.T. - Mothers Unite to Stall Technology
Kids get smart phones and iPods because of peer pressure. The longer we can stall and hold off, the better off our kids will be!! Let's take the peer pressure off our kids!
Moms?? Can we do this together? We can change our kids' lives!! 
Let's get as many moms as possible to join the agreement not to give our children their own smart devices, so we can remove the intense peer pressure to have one. 
When they say everyone has one you'll know it's not true! 

Let's do our kids the biggest favor and shut down their group chats completely!
Who's in? 

Please post your child's name so I can track when our class registration is complete. 

What do I do once I have the class on board?

Once you have your responses (ideally, full class will be in), please register by clicking on the "Class Registration" tab above.

Please include your name, as well as the name and grade of the school. 

NOTE: Do not be discouraged if the whole class is not on board; even if you get a majority, you are still accomplishing a tremendous amount!

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Become an Ambassador

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