Below is a sample email to send to your fellow class moms. Feel free to edit as you see fit.

Dear fellow  (Grade/Class #)   class mothers:

We are sure that your son/daugher is having an amazing year this year at school, and that you are proud to be a parent in   (Name of School).

We would love to have our class join the growing list of classes in schools around  
  (City or State)  who have signed up for M.U.S.T.

Mothers Unite to Stall Technology is an organization founded to encourage mothers to create positive peer pressure in their sons' and daughters' classes. Most parents recognize the potential problems with children's, adolescents', and even teenagers' use of technology - and the detrimental effects on social and academic development, yet, often yield to "negative" peer pressure in allowing their children access and ownership.

By banding together BEFORE this peer pressure begins, we can effectively stall their exposure until they get older- and will do them the greatest service we can as parents.

Virtually all parents of older kids who had earlier exposure now regret their permissive attitude and lament the negative peer pressure that "forced" them into their ill-advised decision.

Please visit their website for more information.

Together, we can help our kids (and ourselves) develop socially and academically to fulfill their individual potentials. 

Please respond if you agree to join this class initiative - and be proud of your ability to take a stand before it becomes an issue.

(Sign your name/names)