Sample contract for a child  who already has a smart device

1. When

• Mornings only after child has

Dressed, brushed teeth, eat breakfast

• After school

After homework and chores complete

Play date monitoring of technology use

• No technology after 8pm school nights 9pm weekend nights

2. Where

• Public areas of the house (kitchen, basement, den)

• Online homework must be done in common area

• In car only for trips longer than 30 minutes

3. What

• Occasionally show parents what I do online

• Password shared only with parents

• No sharing of personal info like address, bithdate

• Aim for sites that promote learning

• I can’t believe everything I read online

4. Responsible Digital Citizenship

• I agree to be kind online and tell my parents if somebody is mean to me

• I will tell my parents if anything makes me feel uncomfortable

• I will not take credit for work of others

I will not be a bystander if witnessing cyberbullying 

5. Consequences

• Violating contract will result in loss of technology for half a day in that week

• Second offense whole day

My Parents Agree

• To listen to my concerns before setting limits and guidelines

• To help me learn from my mistakes

• Not to criticize or punish me when I go to them in need

• To give me more freedom and responsibility with continued safe use