• The following is a proposed "map" for unrolling the initiative in your school:

    1) Decide which grades are likely targets in your school- of course this can be modified later. You may start as young as Kindergarten all the way through 8th grade.

    2) After getting agreement from ambassadors for each class (if you are not the ambassador yourself), consider having a meeting together with all of them in person.

    3) Each ambassador should obtain a partner, and ascertain their particular class's current reality of technology use and exposure. This is crucial - as the focus must target each individual class. They will then decide whether the "Preferred Pact" is appropriate, or if a "modified" protocol is needed.
    FAQs for Preferred Pact guidelines.)

  • [Possible modifications include an agreement for no texting, for no class chats, for no browser on devices, for no smartphones, for no online gaming, no smart watches, use of Our Pact, etc. See the
    FAQs for more options.]

    The key is to halt the progression at its current state.

    Of course, if a class has a variety of exposures- the decision becomes more difficult, although it is usually best to to go for the more restrictive agreement, if at least half the class can comply.

    4) For the younger grades, and those classes in which a Preferred Pact would be the logical protocol, Ambassadors should send an email, text, WhatsApp, etc. to the class with the suggested agreement. Follow up in 2-3 days as usually only a small percentage will reply immediately.

  • In a class where there are children already using devices or are heavily involved in technology use, it is most effective to meet the moms of the class in person, rather than communicating digitally. These classes will most likely need customized modified pacts and can be successfully created in person, at a meeting with all the fellow moms of the class.  

    5) If the Initiative was communicated through digital means, Ambassadors can divide the names of non-responders to reach out to individually - either by themselves or to enlist other enthusiastic mothers.

    6) Notify all mothers of final results- either by listing names of all those who joined, or by saying a percentage (i.e., "We are excited to report that over 90% of our class has joined the initiative").

    7) Send a follow-up text/email toward the end of the school year, asking all moms to commit to continue for the following year. If the class remains relatively intact- send it again in the beginning of the following school year (and include any newcomers). 

  • If you haven't already done so, we encourage you to read through the FAQs for even more information and guidance. It will likely answer any remaining questions you may have.